The Littorinidae are a family of marine gastropods which show extensive polymorphism and alternative life history strategies. They have been extensively used in taxonomic, ecological and evolutionary studies,and have also been the subject of research on physiology, biochemistry and genomics. The latest evolutionary, genetic and molecular studies are demonstrating that littorinid taxa are potentially important model species.

The main purpose of this organization is to convene every 3 years an International Symposium on Littorinid Biology and Evolution. This aims to promote and to publicise research on these molluscs, not just among littorinid workers but throughout the scientific community.


The first meeting in the series was convened by David Reid at the Natural History Museum, London, on 26 November 1986. However, the Society was only formally organized at the 2005 meeting, when members of the committee were chosen to serve until the next meeting at Baiona, Spain, in 2008. All interested people are then invited to participate and to support or change the present committee and the activities of the Society.

Members of the commitee

CHAIR: Dr. David G. Reid ( Natural History Museum , London )   Web
VICECHAIR: Dr. Kerstin Johannesson (Tjärno Marine Laboratory)   Web
SECRETARY: Dr. Emilio Rolán-Alvarez ( University of Vigo , Spain )   Web
Dr. John Grahame (University of Leeds, UK)   Web
Dr. Mark Davies (University of Sunderland, England)   Web
Dr. Thierry Backeljau (Belgium)   Web
Dr. Elizabeth Boulding (University of Guelph, Canada)   Web  |   Mollusc Molecular News
Dr. Natalia Mikhailova (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)   Web
Dr. Rémy Rochette (University of New Brunswick, Canada)   Web


IX International Symposium on littorinid Biology and Evolution and
International Workshop on littorinid Research Techniques

Congress Chair: Emilio Rolán-Alvarez ( University of Vigo )

Other Organizing Members: Armando Caballero, Paloma Morán, Juan José Pasantes, David Posada, Humberto Quesada and Antonio Carvajal-Rodríguez from University of Vigo, and E. Rolán from the Museo de Historia Natural (Santiago de Compostela).

Please, visit IX ISOLBE Congress Web Page for the latest news.


1986. London (UK). I Symposium (30 participants). Organized by D.G. Reid.

1988. Strömstad (Sweden). II Symposium (22 participants). Organized by K. Johannesson.

1990. Dale (UK). III Symposium (36 participants). Organized by J. Grahame, P.J. Mill and D.G. Reid.

1993. Roscoff (France). IV Symposium (48 participants). Organized by P. Fioroni, E. Fioroni and D.G. Reid.

1996. Cork (Ireland). V Symposium (56 participants). Organized by R. O'Riordan, G. Burnell, M. Davies and N. Ramsay.

1999. St. Ann's Parish (Jamaica). VI Symposium (40 participants). Organized by J. Britton and R.F. McMahon.

2002. Applendore Island (USA). VII Symposium (25 participants). Organized by Robin Hadlock Seeley.

2005. Devon (UK). VIII Symposium (35 participants). Organized by J. Grahame and D.G. Reid.

Up to now, the last littorinid symposium has been IX ISOLBE (September 2008), organized by E. Rolán-Alvarez at Baiona (Spain).